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An all-volunteer force of educators, parents and community members have won approval to bring a public charter school to the south Gulf Beaches communities for the 2014-15 school year. On November 12, the Pinellas County School Board unanimously voted to approve Academy by the Sea, which plans to locate in St. Pete Beach or the south Gulf Beaches area.

Academy by the Sea will serve 176 students in grades four through eight and will offer a Montessori based education incorporating rigorous academic expectations. Admission will be by lottery and is open to all students, with or without a Montessori background. Montessori stresses concepts of independence, acceptance and collaboration that prepare students to become leaders in the global community. The instruction will also comply with all State of Florida educational requirements.

Academy by the Sea has garnered broad based community support. Last February, the St. Pete Beach City Commission passed a resolution in support of the proposed school, citing the City’s history of providing public education to children and the benefit of a school to the local area. The school also received numerous pledges of money, supplies and services from local families and businesses, needed to fund the school’s opening. While many charter schools are large corporations, Academy by the Sea is a true community effort. The school looks forward to partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide further resources for its students. The school thanks all volunteers, donors and community leaders for their commitment to a school in the beaches community. We also thank the Pinellas County School Board for its support.


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Bringing a Public School Back to the Beach on The Gabber

Bringing a Public School Back to the Beach on The Gabber.

Great Things Are Happening!

The St. Pete Beach City Commissioners voted unanimously to pass a resolution in favor of our school!  While this is just a formal token of support, and authorization will ultimately be determined by the Pinellas County School Board, it is great to know that so many people see the value in our mission.  The meeting, held on February 26, 2013 was packed with ABTS supporters, including many of the children we hope to serve!

Coming Soon! A New Charter Public School with a Montessori-based Curriculum

Since 2009, there has been no public school option for families living in St. Pete Beach and surrounding beach communities. Academy by the Sea is seeking to start to fill that gap. We are seeking a charter from the Pinellas County School Board to offer a Montessori based program for students in 4th through 8th grades for the beaches communities.

Our mission is to is to create an environment of acceptance, cooperation, and courtesy along with a commitment to rigorous academic expectations that will produce students who are prepared to become leaders in the global community.

Academy by the Sea is currently working on our application to the  Pinellas County School Board for authorization. Please look for our postings about community information sessions and events.